It’s hard to be angry with a company who is currently auctioning off 17 items that will go for at LEAST a few hundred dollars for charity, especially when they […]

I have lots of stuff I want to get done tonight, mostly stuff to prep for work in the morning because there’s a project that’s going to wow people and […]

I’ve been wanting to get in the practice of taking a few supplements daily. Supplements that I take at various times for things and I’m always great about it when […]

Pro tip: If it’s 6:00PM and you’re ready to go to sleep, just go to sleep. Even if you had grand plans to get back to this month-long blogging project […]

I like sweet drinks. My go-to is a Shirley Temple Black, which is a Shirley Temple with whiskey in it, as long as you’re that sugary-sticky-sweet grenadine like Rose’s. If […]

I haven’t actually mentioned yet that I’m planning on blogging every day in November, but I suppose now you know! I have wonderful intentions of getting all ahead on things […]