Why does Tresume smell so awful now? It used to be pretty good. I didn’t bother smelling it at the store when I needed some better conditioner because I have very fond memories of the way that it smelled from many years ago.

When I used it in the shower last night though, I almost gagged on the smell. I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly the reaction I want from something that I’m putting onto my hair.

Sorry I’ve been gone. Life has kind of gotten in the way of blogging. Unfortunately not all of the reasons behind that are positive.

I’m actually only blogging now from my temp job for this week. I know that when I get home tonight I will pretty much have just enough energy to hold my head up through the end of Project Runway and then pass out.

If it wouldn’t make me speed through my lunch way too fast I’d get into my tiff with Project Runway, but I’d rather enjoy the only real break I take during the day. Maybe I’ll be able to write on my lunch tomorrow. Then I’ll either be totally ok with the show again (if Ricky goes this week) or pissed enough that I’ll consider not watching it until about 9:58 pm next Wednesday.