Even though I didn’t get the job that I wanted with Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, things seem to be on an upswing.

The company that I’m temping for has been very happy with my work. I feel badly that I wasn’t feeling 100% today so I called in sick, but I’m feeling much better now so I’m hoping to go in early tomorrow and see if they’ll let me tweak my hours for the week by working extra tomorrow but putting it down for today. Unless of course they just want to pay me overtime for the technical over time that I’ll be offering to work.

I have a hair cut scheduled for Tuesday evening. Let’s hope that I remember to take before/after pictures. Anyone want to e-mail me on Monday evening as a reminder? Or better yet if you have my number please feel free to call or text a reminder on Tuesday!

I’m not going to do it this time, but I’m defitnely thinking about going dark like the picture of Feist below, or lightening my hair a lot. I’ll talk to Courtney about it while she’s cutting. She’s the first person that I really trust to do what she feels is best, and based on watching What Not to Wear I think that you hair dresser’s opinion and expertise is a key factor in great hair styles. I also know that she’ll be really honest with me about what would look better.

I have the feeling that she’ll take me lighter. She’s talked me into highlights before, and the only time that I really want the dark is when I’m watching something Feist related. Or Walk the Line.

I also picked up my new contacts today. One of them is specifically for astigmatism, so I guess it’s weighted to make it stay right side up. I haven’t changed them yet because I can’t find my contacts case, and I want to be able to put the onld ones back in if I can tell that the new ones aren’t working out.

I did some other things, but I’ll just sum it up by saying that I had an extremely productive day by Katherine standards and I hope to do the same again soon. Say…tomorrow?