I was determined to go to bed just after 11 tonight. Since it is now 12:09, I obviously failed.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to get myself up earlier than normal though. I definitely know that I will sleep well, which should help with getting up, right?

I haven’t mentioned yet that I bought this lovely thing at Bed Bath and Beyond a week ago. I’ve recently realized that the biggest reason I don’t drink as much water as I’d like is that I have to leave my room to do so. Not something I really like to do when it’s this cold out. When I do get the energy to go out to the colder kitchen, I’d much rather have a roy rogers if I have soda in the fridge anyway, even if I want to cut back on my soda intake. So now I have a 2.2 liter bottle in my room.

I tend to pour it into a cup and drink from that until it’s about half full. I’m up to about 3/4 of it in one day. I hope that it will help me to save some money, since I have about $2 to my name at the moment!