I’m really not enjoying these early morning shifts, but I’m getting through them.

There is a new Jamba location going in on campus this summer, so I’m definitely hoping to transfer there and have a less stressful Fall semester while completely paying off my credit cards. Sure, I’ll have a bit more student loans because of this, but those have a purpose, right?

I went to collect my paycheck from The Fund today. I haven’t worked there for over a month already! I was pretty sure that I worked there for 3 shifts, but I only see 2 on my check. Oh well, guess it’ll take me a little bit longer to pay my credit card off. It’s really only a matter of about $20, but every $20 is that much closer to the end of it, right?

I will be trapped no more!

On the note of credit card debt, since I’ve mentioned it twice already, I’m currently at $2,038.01 in debt. At the beginning of this month it was more than $2,600. I’ve already got another payment set up and I’m pretty sure that I will be done paying it off before the summer is over. I will be updating on my status, I’m more than excited to start over without all of this stuff. If I continue with my eyes open as they are I should be in a nice position to do anything I’d like involving credit by the time I’m really out of school. That may or may not include purchasing a home.

As of 9:48PM Monday night, I have no idea whether or not I work on Wednesday morning. It’s a bit frustrating that because the computer is down my manager waited until today to take the schedule home and do it by hand. It’s how it is though, so I’ll just have to track him down tomorrow to figure it out.

This post is far too boring to continue. It’s now time for bed so that I might be more entertaining tomorrow!