I’ve recently gathered quite a few blogs that I’m really enjoying reading for the creativity represented in them alone. One of the best parts of these blogs is that I often find new ones simply by reading the ones that I already follow. I found the following today, and while under some circumstances I think that things like this could be a little over the top for a 2-year-old’s birthday party, if one has the time to do this sort of stuff, I say go for it. I can’t even imagine the amazing parties that z man (Zach?) will have as he grows up. That’s one creative mother. Way to go!


I found that great post through A Little Sussy. A great blog by a great photographer who takes pictures like the one below, which she happens to have made the subjects of! (Sorry for not showing that I’m an English major with that last sentence.)

Easter gift for neighbors!

That would also be the blog through which I found this awesome little book I’ve already told you about.

There are far too many awesome blogs for me to show you something from each of them, but in the next few days I hope to start compiling a list of them in the side bar, so you can check them out there! At one point I would have been extremely envious of these women for not only their creativity, but also the time in which to pursue it, but today I have decided instead to turn it into fuel! I’m not sure how, but I am determined to find the time to make my own projects when I would like. Maybe my sister-in-law and I can start with stuff for my brother’s birthday! He wants a cookie cake, I think she and I can manage that without turning to Mrs. Field’s!