Once upon a time I searched my own name on Facebook.

There were are few girls with the same name, but only one who stood out. She happens to live in Seattle, very close to Tacoma, WA, where I was born. So I sent a friend request; she of course recognized the amazingness and accepted!

Thanks to the ever-so-functional Facebook chat we talked a little bit after finding out through status updates that we’ve got many a thing in common. Turns out, she was born in Santa Cruz (if I remember correctly) which is relatively close to where I live now when compared to Seattle. We tended to update our status within half an hour saying very similar things.

Obviously, we’re both made of the same kind of awesome.

A couple months ago she let me know that she was coming down to visit her dad.

The Katherines Wessel would be in the same state, and for a little while, the same city! This was obviously going to either solve all of the world’s problems, or bring on the apocalypse.

That’s right, you can breathe easy tonight. We met today, and I see no signs of impending doom, which only leaves one reasonable outcome.

All is now right in the world.

Also, we’re both reading an amazing book that you should probably check out.