I’m pretty fucking amazing.

Seriously. It’s taken me much longer than it should have to realize it, but I really am.

This realization comes from a boy seeming to get a little weirded out actually, or maybe I’m just reading things wrong. I have been dating a boy for a couple of weeks, and in that time he’s realized that I pick up on details pretty easily. This is true. If you tell me your birthday, or I see it on Facebook, I will probably remember that it’s the same or similar to someone else that I know, and therefore I will know it sooner and remember it longer than you might expect.

What’s my best friend from elementary school who I haven’t spoken to regularly in 15 years you ask? June 8. Her mother’s? August 7.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why. They don’t always stick, but they do tend to get in there pretty quick.

That same boy doesn’t know this (yet?), but I really like doing things to show my affection. Things like mix CDs or post cards sent by snail mail. I’ve had some people make me feel as though the kind of attention that I can give is not a good thing. Those people are wrong.

Sure, there are people who don’t handle the attention so well, and I probably won’t be super close with them for very long, but that doesn’t make either of us wrong. I do believe that it indicates that I’m going to be a pretty kick-ass mother though.

I’ve blogged before about this awesome party put on by an amazingly talented mother and how blown away I was by it. I’m starting to realize that I have the potential to be just as inspiring.

So, it sucks if I’m reading this boy correctly and he is getting scared off by things like awesome sandwiches that I make and remembering birthdays, but just think of what the one who won’t be scared away will be like! And I could be totally wrong anyway, and he could just be busy. In that case, lucky him!