I had a very productive day!

Woke up smiling and being distracted from studying. Eventually got to study, and then took a final for a class that I hope to pull a B in.

After the final I had a few hours before work, so I decided to go for a jog, and combine that with the errand I needed to get done! I ended up walking because my workout pants are too big for me now and fall when I run it seems. I ended up going for about 3 1/2 miles in around 45 minutes.

I couldn’t get the errand done, but I did find out more information about it, I guess.

I made it to work on time even though I fell asleep less than an hour before I should have been there!

Now I get to go to bed because I’m working again in less than 6 hours. (I should mention that I’ve been home for only one hour.)

Tomorrow I intend to be just as much if not more productive!