I really can’t express just how much fun I’m having lately. I’ve found some really amazing people whom I’ve somehow fooled into thinking I’m just as awesome as they are, and we’re having a ball. Everything from Bowleoake and crazy Luau parties to just hanging out at home and having some home made macaroni, we’ve got good times no matter what.

I’m blown away by the kind of support that I’m getting from the amazing women I’ve found. Sunday night, we seriously hung out at my house, I made macaroni, and we repaired a dress. After a pretty crazy party the night before, it was kind of just what was needed.

Part of knowing these marvelous ladies is listening to the advice that they give, even when it’s something that I’ve heard before and resisted. Last week a friend posted the suggestion of reading He’s Just Not That Into You. I’ve heard of it before, and thought about reading it, but simply wasn’t going to do it. I expected that it would be condescending and possibly demeaning, and I wanted no part of that.

Taking a risk based on the awesome time that we’d already spent hanging out, I asked to borrow the book. Worst that could happen is that I just don’t like it, right?

Well guess what. That’s not what happened. I’m only halfway through, and I love it. It’s already helped me loads with some things that I was holding onto, and even with a boy I met up with last night! This is a boy I’ve know for about 3 years, and we’ve gone through a few different phases of romantic-type relationships. This time around he (let’s call him Blue for ease of future references, if they should occur) has made it clear (as in stating it flat out) that he would very much like to date me as soon as he moves back to town.

I am very much in support of that idea, so I don’t want to do anything kind of stupid that would scare him off. Especially not while he’s still 2 states away. I also don’t want to get myself too worked up to be let down, which the book is helping me to do. Last night we only had a few hours together, and I’m really happy with how they went. He moves back to town either mid August, or early September, and now I kind of can’t wait.

It’s a really good thing I’ve got these awesome girls to keep me occupied until he gets back and can take me on that date he’s promised!