The Scheduled Disbursement date is the earliest date the Financial Aid Office is allowed to begin the check disbursement process and not the actual date you will receive your check. If your funds have been received from the appropriate federal, state, or private agency and you have no holds, the earliest you can expect your Fall 2009 check is around August 31 and your Spring 2010 check is around January 25.

I just found that on MySacState. My birthday may not be much fun this year. I had thought that my Financial Aid was going to come through on my birthday, but it looks like it may not be for another week or two after that. I guess it’s time to start picking up shifts wherever I can at work. Oh wait, I’ve already been trying to do that! I did work with my manager last night, who had mistakenly been under the impression that I lived with my parents. Maybe now that he’s been corrected he’ll give me a bit of priority when it comes to hours. I mean, giving the 20-year-old bubbling idiot who happens to be trying to save up to get married is only doing his fiance a disservice.

Anyway, I get to start doing things like returning my plastic bottles and cashing in any spare change I can find for any amount of spending money I can get my hands on. I know that it may not be ideal, but I don’t want to stop having a social life just because my loans don’t come through until September.

If anyone has any other ideas for me to make money please let me know, when I have some I’ll buy you a drink!