Nights like tonight are probably the hardest. I’ve got a lot on my mind that I wish I could talk to you about. Granted, one of the biggest things on my mind right now is the simple fact that I can’t talk to you, but none the less you are the first person I think of when I want to tell something to someone so it’s frustrating that things feel like they’re piling up.

Your messages to me give me just enough information that they’re actually really vague to someone who isn’t completely sure how your mind works. Guess who falls into that classification.

You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to talk right now. What confuses me there is whether or not you intend to be in contact with me in the future. I like you. I see that we have different styles of letting each other know that we’re interested. That is a bit difficult to handle sometimes, but I’m down to figure out just how we handle it and I hope that you are too.

I hope you’re still planning on taking me out for my birthday. Dressing up for you would be fun!

In other news…