I just need to take a minute to let everyone know how much I love this girl woman.

In the past few days she has said the exact things that are what the reassuring friend is supposed to say in frustrating situations, and in both cases she has been dead on correct.

Tonight I have felt like shit for no reason. I didn’t want to cut the girls night out short if Gina and Blythe were having fun, but they saw that I really wasn’t, so they suggested the route home.

It’s like she’s got some sort of sixth sense about when I need something to happen. She doesn’t just tell me that she understands that it sucks and it will get better, she tells me that she’s sure I’ll find a roommate, or that she’s sure something specific will happen. And then it does.

I feel like she’s an amazing Charlotte/Carrie/and a little bit Miranda/Samantha to my Carrie/Charlotte/Samantha Miranda. That may not make as much sense as it could, but we aren’t really just one of them.

I don’t want this to make anyone feel like they don’t mean the world to me as well, it’s just that the tears I’d been holding back all night finally came through when a text came through and in my head I thought, “Gina was right again!”