After several weeks of not quite enough hours at work and being unsure of making rent, I recently found myself another part time position. I was told at my new position that I would be getting a max of three days a week, at about six and a half hours each. Combined with the regular twenty that I’ve been getting at the first job, this is absolutely ideal for the last few weeks before school starts.

Cue irony.

Since I’m actually a rehire at the second job, and they have the time for someone who is already 95% trained, they’ve scheduled me for 32.5 hours in the next week (Wednesday-Tuesday). With the new job being awesome and getting the schedule done weeks in advance, I make the old one work around it, even if that means taking a cut in hours at the old job to make it work. I got there at 4:45AM today to find out that I’m actually scheduled for 28 hours (again Wednesday-Tuesday).

Anyone want to do that pretty simple math for a second?

A week and a half ago I would have been totally happy with 28 hours, and now I’m scheduled for more than 60! I’m sure it will actually be less than that with the way that the old job sends people home to cut hours, but I will be working much more than normal, which will mean a much bigger paycheck than normal!

With a little luck, I will have 1/3 of my credit card debt paid off before school starts again!