I bought a few CDs last week when my discount kicked in, and I’m super happy that I did. I also got some promo CDs at the time, which has allowed me to become totally infatuated with Pitbull’s newest release, no matter how much of a sheltered white girl I am who has never really had to deal with anything truly difficult. (Though this CD isn’t about that at all, so I can identify with some of the ideas in it, the idea of someone like me connecting with typical rap still totally baffles me.)

Today I made myself turn off Calle Ocho and popped in another CD I had no doubt I would love as well. I mean how could I not love some more Ben Folds? Especially when it’s all A Cappella from many different University groups from around the country!

I was listening to it on my way to class, and I was already totally in love and decided that I need to get as much of the Ben Folds library as I can get my hands on ASAP. Then, on the way home from class I was singing along to Brick and I fell way more in love with the man.

Do you ever have an idea of something that you know is a real thing, but people make fun of you for it?

Like when I worked at Jamba Juice and I said I didn’t like to go into the walk-in freezer because I don’t like the smell of the cold. Well, no one I worked with then understood what I meant by that. They all just didn’t like the cold, never mind the smell, because it doesn’t exist.

Now go back and watch the video paying attention at 35 seconds in.

Totally vindicated. (Watch the following video to prevent getting Dashboard Confessional stuck in your head now.)

Note, both videos are the groups who perform on the album, though I believe they are their auditions to be part of the album, yay for them!

And now, another joyous moment from this album…

As I was falling in love with the a cappella aspect and wondering whether Sac State (the hell hole masquerading as a school I go to) had a group I could see some time, I looked through the track listings.

The Sac State Jazz Singers are on the album!!!!!

It’s not my favorite of the songs, but that’s more about the songs than the performance. Anyone remember Butterscotch from America’s Got Talent? She’s in there. I wish I actually knew one of these people so I could tell them good job. Especially if the lucky bastards got to meet Ben Folds.