Fame came out this weekend!!!!

I haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet, but I was very stoked about it at work last night. That excitement definitely led to the moment that made my night.

When a customer did not buy a copy of the original Fame (ridiculous, I know) but left it at the counter for us to put back, I half jumped and said to Justin, “That came out today!” Which was technically wrong, it had come out the day before, but that’s not really the point. Justing looked quite confused for a moment, until I was still stoked and kept talking about it. Then he seemed a little awkward and said, “Oh, the movie came out, that’s not what I heard.”

He refused to say what he did hear because it was, “inappropriate” which only made me push harder to know what it was.

Finally he admitted to hearing me say (with the enthusiasm of talking about Fame, remember), “I came out today!”

This then amused us both, as my attitude really didn’t fit with that statement, and the environment in which I was telling Justin would have been even more inappropriate. I think he was really glad that I wasn’t in any way offended though. It’s not like I haven’t been assumed to be gay before, and his confusion was partially in knowing that I’m not.

In other work news, there’s a guy there I really don’t like. I can’t really do anything about it because in my history, sharing that kind of information with other people at work only makes it worse as I turn to them an roll my eyes whenever the offending party does something ridiculous. So, instead of being a gossip like I would have done in the past, I’m making myself more busy. I think I’m going to super annoy my manager by emailing her the random ideas that I have for the store every now and then. I’ll make it clear that I don’t expect to hear her opinion on each of them, more that I’m just voicing the things I’m thinking. Maybe then I’ll have more projects to do and I can ignore that Unibrow doesn’t seem to do anything.