I am not invincible.

Sorry to break it to some of you, I know that y’all worship me and everything, but sometimes I simply can’t do it all. I found that out this week based on what I thought was caffeine withdrawal. Turns out, lots of those symptoms are the same as whatever flu-like thing I’ve got going.

I came home from work after only 2 hours yesterday because I was pretty much useless. I was really trying to stick it out until the second key holder came in so that they had better coverage, but I really couldn’t. I then proceeded to sleep through the afternoon on the couch while half watching Sunshine Cleaning.

Then my angel Blythe came and brought me some soup! The food helped tons, and I felt much better before bed, though I ended up calling in sick today to make sure that I’m really getting over whatever this is before getting back to school on Monday.

Too bad I don’t have any grand stories about awesome adventures or anything, I think I’m going to be a grown up and not go out dancing tonight no matter if I’m feeling amazing later or not. Instead I’ve made some magnets and now I’m going to do what I can to catch up on the homework that I’ve gotten behind on while being sick.

HA! I wrote that hours ago, and have not gotten around to any homework, nor even posting this!

I was able to watch a few episodes of Ugly Betty and every episode of Glee on Hulu though. And now I’m about to go flip out on the neighbors who are playing music way too loud. Yes I realize that it’s only 8:30. Apparently I’m a grouchy invalid.