I don’t even know what to say right now. I have lots of things I could update with, but I don’t really get any of it, so I don’t know how to get out of my head.

I guess I’ll give it a go though.

I was thinking about the possible date with the about to be named boy, and I realized that I’m not currently terribly into him. I have no zsa-zsa-zsu, as a new blogging friend has recently posted about. I want a boy who will share the spotlight with me. Someone who will get up and make a fool out of himself with me so that when I regret it, he can say he did it too, rather than try to tell me that I looked fine. I don’t really want someone who will be standing back in the shadows. Thus Shadow Boy has been named.

(Totally unrelated picture, but can I please have one this adorably afraid of fireworks, but then totally into them when hanging out with me?)

So, I got some advice from a friend this week that I should not in fact take Shadow Boy up on his date offer if I don’t think that I like him. The thing is though, I do enjoy talking to him. What if that could lead to some zsa-zsa-zsu? I mean, the first few times that I met Dodgeball there wasn’t anything there. And then the idiot had to go and use some big words, and there were those damned butterflies in my stomach. Why do I have to be such an English major?

If I could like Shadow Boy though, why shouldn’t I give it a shot. Maybe the butterflies will come later.

Or maybe they’ll last for 3 years like they have with someone else…

Blue instant messaged me tonight. Checking to make sure that I still work somewhere that prevents us from dating. He has actually been the topic of discussion lately, and I find it very interesting that he then messages me at 1:15AM. What is it about this boy? I don’t understand him!