I guess here’s a week and a half in one entry before passing out for 5 1/2 hours!

Last Friday the typical happy-hour-that-lasts-all-night crowd was out at our normal 10-11 two-for-ones bar, and one of the guys who was out with us said that he could get us into a club around the corner that none of us would typically go to because it’s 18+ and has a high cover, but for free I’ll totally dance the night away! Both Shadow Boy and Dodgeball were there.

Even after the weekend before and the disappointment of seriously unmet expectations, I spent the whole night dancing with Dodgeball. Sure I was a little drunk, but it was also rather exhilarating to flirt and dance knowing that I no longer wanted anything to come from it!

I was also able to determine that since I could have been flirting and dancing with a boy who was interested, I should probably not lead that boy on by accepting a date with him.

As of last night, I heard that Shadow Boy has been flirting it up with someone else who, from the little I know of her, he would be much better suited for. Win, win, win! (Option 5, I believe, for fans of The Office.)

This weekend has been a bit of a blowout to kick of the second half of the semester. It’s one of the busiest I’ve had in a while, and I’m loving it!

Now it’s time for bed after a great showing of the Rocky Horror Show, because the lovely Kasey is picking me up in less than 6 hours to get an awesome vanity I found on Craigslist. The addition of this vanity to my room will allow me to finish up the organizing of my room, which will mean a much better rest of the semester!