I walked through several stores in the mall today. Normally I get asked almost right away in any store if I’d like help or whatever. I’m normally very polite in saying no, or try to think of a question for them because I know that I certainly hate to have to offer people customer service like that. Today though, I got nothing.

Apparently that is not someone who looks like they could possibly be spending money. Unless of course they’re in Sephora. Even there though, I didn’t get asked if I needed help, I got told that my hair was awesome.

Since I actually did have a question or two for some people today, I’m a little annoyed at the change of attention. I kind of wonder what the motivation for change was.

I’m really kind of liking the blue, but I don’t think that it’s because of the hue. (Hehe.) I think what I like is a slightly darker shade to kind of frame my face. I really love my blonde when I’m a bit more tan and there’s more of a difference between my skin and hair shades, but that’s not quite right for fall/winter. I’m paler now, and I want to go darker!

Not exactly dark, more like my natural dark blonde/light brown hair with a hint of auburn in it. Kind of like Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning, but with more light in it. Courtney can handle I’m sure!