Shadow Boy is getting a new name. It’s not the most anonymous name, as anyone who actually knows him will probably figure it out in .7 seconds, but SB just has a negative vibe to it, whereas Double Champ does not. So, for the two of you who know him, could I be a little more obvious?

After the walk in the rain on Wednesday night he kissed me, and then he hung out with me and some friends at my place on Thursday. He kissed me that night too, after I got rid of the last friend rather hastily. Friday night there was the usual hanging out at Hangar 17 followed by food at my place and some more kissing, and on Saturday he actually stayed over, but only because it was so damn cold! Last night he accompanied me to Safeway to get some food for studying, and he’s on his way over now to hang out for a bit before I kick him out to write a paper.

He’s definitely way more into me than I am him, but I’m going with it for now and seeing how it goes. Hopefully it doesn’t end in flames.