Today marks the continuation and official start of a regular post here! I have to say that I am very excited. I’ve wanted to have a regular post, but didn’t have anything worth posting about more than once or twice. However, once a week I am now playing dodgeball, and it is definitely noteworthy, so you will hear about it every Monday!

And now, without further delay, is the Sausage Sampler: Varsity weekly update!

Sausage Sampler: Varsity took to the court for the second time as one team this week, playing Ramrod, one of our player’s former teams and the one with my dear friend Blythe playing her first season of Xoso dodgeball. Therefore, it was slightly personal for a couple of reasons. None-the-less, it was a lot of fun.

I was put off pretty quick by some of Ramrod’s guys throwing high (you’ll get to know very well that I am NOT a fan of high throws), but it didn’t seem that they were doing them on purpose, so I got over it pretty quickly as well. Even without doing so intentionally, one of the high throws gave me a nice clavical bruise that I’m just glad isn’t visible.

We were down a player based on our roster, but had plenty of people there to sub and shag the ball, so there wasn’t much trouble with anyone getting too tired. I’m writing this way too late to remember the sequence of events and be terribly eloquent, so let’s turn this into a list of noteworthy moments that added up to our second victory of the season!

* One of our players had a bottle of some gatorade-like drink (it may have been so gatorade-like that it was in fact gatorade) near the court and when it was hit by a throw from the other team we found out that either the cap wasn’t on, or it wasn’t on anywhere near tight enough because one corner of the court was quickly covered in the mystery liquid. Luckily there was an employee of the Boys and Girls Club that we play at nearby who was able to get some things to mop it up. We also were somehow able to acquire all of the balls during this pause in the game and the other team didn’t seem to have a problem continuing play without any exchange. (It probably helped that players like me had the ball, who are sometimes easy catches.)

* Rene was gets the award for Awesome Effort for the week. Poor girl had jammed her thumb the night before and was playing with what I believe is her dominant hand wrapped up and out of commission. Did that stop her from going for the catches? Not at all! I don’t remember whether she caught them all or dropped them all or had a combination of both, but when she turned to me in the middle of a game and pointed out that there seemed to be a cut on that hand between her ring finger and pinky, I could think of nothing other than that this woman is badass to be playing and not just running from the ball right now! Rene, you rock!

* Jake gets the play of the week for being the last player in for one of the games and making the half court shot to bring the rest of us back in. I know you guys probably think that you’ve seen his name twice because he’s the boyfriend and I pay more attention to what he does. You’re right, but he’s also an awesome dodgeball player. As my friend Blythe said while we were at the bar afterward, “Jake’s a BEAST!”

* The lovely Blythe gets an honorable mention here for being an awesome opponent, and having caught one of my throws. I got to repay her later in the game, but I’m pretty sure that she did a hell of a lot better than I did in my first dodgeball game!

* And of course I have to let you know about my awesome moments of this week. I had at least three catches this week, Blythe’s that I just mentioned and at least two that were thrown by guys. For those of you unfamiliar with dodgeball rules, catching someone else’s throw not only gets them out, but brings in one of your teammates who was previously out. Since I don’t have the best arm, I pitched myself for the draft with my ability to catch. Last week I was worried that Andres would be disappointed with my terrible fail of a catch, but this week I think I proved myself worthy.

I will not be able to make it to our next game because I will be working, but I will have a fun announcement that involves dodgeball and I might ask one of the players who is there to give a recap so we all know how the team is doing!