Have I told you all before that I play dodgeball? Probably, since you probably already know me and I annoy you to no end with it, or you’ve been reading for a little while and…wait I haven’t actually updated since I started playing! That would be last season, and I guess now I’ll have to catch you up on that a bit too!

My first season was great, but a little disappointing. I liked my team, and we played well when everyone was there. The problem was that much of the team was easily distracted by other things going on in their life. There were two guys on our team who never came to a single game. One of them I never met at all. Because of the frequent absense of team members, we didn’t do nearly as well as we could have and the season simply wasn’t as fun as it would have been if we had played as a team the whole season. I made a specific note to not play on a team again without knowing that I was going to have fun.

That’s where the Sausage Sampler comes in!

What’s the Sausage Sampler you ask? Let me fill you in!

There is a group of people who all play dodgeball, or some other XOSO sport, and we tend to go out for happy hour every week. One of the weeks about an year and a half ago (just before I started hanging out with them) part of the group dubbed them the Sausage Sampler after seeing the dish offered on the menu of the local brewery where they were eating. The group has gotten big and it’s a lot of fun to go out any week, not knowing who will make it out when, but knowing it’s going to be a good group of people no matter what.

So, the folks in the SS decided that this season we needed to make Thursday night dodgeball the fun night. We’ve all experienced frustrations that come with such a large group of people, so we want to remember the fun parts and bring those to the forefront! It was suggested that we have a SS team, but just that was not enough for this crowd. There were enough of us gathered to form two teams, and then we had the DRAFT!

Unfortunately, Jake and I couldn’t be there. Instead we were in Carmel visiting his parents. So instead of being able to be right there, instead we waited patiently by the phone to get the call from the team captain. We were drafted to the same team, which definitely meant for the possibility of more fun for me!

This week was our first game, and it was awesome. The guys play well, and don’t treat the girls like they are the only players on the court. Because of this, we not only played well, but we had fun doing it! I’d say there was only one truly bad play during the game, and that was performed by yours truly.

It was a perfectly easy catch, with a nice arch to it. Too bad I didn’t think about that and step forward just a touch further into it. The ball came down not only through my arms, but then through my calves, which had almost caught it as well. You can be sure I’ll be stepping into the next catches.

The great thing about being on Jake’s team now though, is that I can do something truly horrible, and his awesomeness will be what people remember. There was one particular guy on the other team who was throwing mostly at the girls, probably because he wasn’t good enough to get the guys out. Jake got a bit sick of that, so he went front and center in the last match to goad him into throwing at him.

I don’t think that guy ended up taking the bait, but 4 other players did and he caught ever single one that came at him. The best part about that though, was that he wasn’t just catching and dropping to catch the next one. He was catching and throwing, which I think resulted in getting 5 of their players out!

I think I picked a good one!

Oh yeah, and we won 8-0.