This week’s dodgeball game was Sausage Sampler: Varsity versus Taint Funny. Our opponents obviously named themselves such because they don’t think that anything is funny.

To put it simply, we kicked their collective ass, and I understand why that might not be funny. The thing is though, that we were never trying in any way to run up the score, and we aren’t the kind of team to rub it in when we’re doing well unless it’s a game with a friendly rivalry.

We didn’t really know this team, so we were respectfully proud of each small victory. If anyone was rubbing it in at all on our team it was me, because I get all riled up when someone on the other team is being an ass, and this night that was definitely happening. Jake’s pretty good about reminding me that we’re winning and it’s just a game anyway, and I’m getting better about listening to him in that moment.

Toward the end of the half hour game, I reached for a catch that I should not have gone for, and it flew through my hands, making contact as it went, and causing me to be out. I turned around then and am happy that I did because as soon as my back was turned, I took a ball to the back of the head.

Working hard, obviously.

High throws are definitely in the top three things that I cannot stand while on the dodgeball court. Especially when I’m an average height for players, so it should be pretty standard to throw below my head. I couldn’t imagine being shorter and on the court. Since I was already out, the offending player was not out for hitting me in the head, though he would have been if I hadn’t just gone for that catch. Trying to keep a positive view on it though, the back of my skull is padded by a lot of thick hair, and does not bruise like my jaw or cheekbone areas could have if I was turned around!

I stood in the out queue for a few minutes before getting dizzy and the waterworks that I couldn’t hold back starting. That’s when I walked the whole 8 feet to the bleachers and sat down. Jake was awesome and sat out the next game with me, and then I went to sit with our friend Erin and Jake’s mom who was visiting for a few days. I was in pain, but that did not at all stop me from cheering hard enough to be in more pain when Rene (still bandaged but getting better) caught a throw from the guy who hit me!

The final score was 10-0, keeping us very much undefeated.

As an added bonus, Rags to Bitches played our true rivals this week, Sausage Sample: Banger, and beat them 4-2, making us the only undefeated team in the Midtown division!

I am definitely scheduled to play during the next game, so I will not be there. I would consider asking someone to switch with me, but it will be the first time that I close, and I should probably learn how to do that, huh?