Due to the fact that I was not able to be at the dodgeball game last week, I have no real update for you today. I have a brief summary as assembled from my roommate and Jake, but don’t be expecting much from it.

It seems that we continued our winning streak. The most recent score was something like 8-1. I assume there was nothing too notable about the match up because I didn’t hear anything specific. Instead the most noteworthy aspect of the night was the game after our official one.

Apparently our crushing defeat of Taint Funny was too much and they could not bring themselves to play their game against the JV team, so an experiment was had!

Since the two Sausage Sampler teams all know each other, and are almost all veteran players, the league owner/creator, Nick, asked them to test out some new balls. Apparently these are partially foam balls, and smaller than the typical dodgeballs we’ve been playing with. From the description I was not enthused. From playing with them, neither were they.

I love that Nick is looking into ways that we can play and have less people get hurt (I’ll have to tell you another time about our friend Marissa who has had two fingers broken at different times while playing). I’m bummed that this doesn’t seem to be the way though. I heard reports that they are very difficult to control, and not as fun to play with.

Here’s hoping that there is another solution! Thanks for looking out for us Nick!

If you’re ever interested in finding out more about dodgeball, or the other sports that XOSO offers, check out the website! xososports.com