In the past three days I have done something that I don’t think I have ever done before. I’ve seen a movie a day. As in, a new movie, in the theater. I mean, just watching a movie a day in general is definitely something that I’ve done. I tend to do that during the school year all the time. It’s so much easier for me to work when I have a familiar movie on in the background. Don’t ask me to explain, it just works.

So what movies did I see you ask?

On Saturday the boy and I had a mini date night and went to see Despicable Me in 3D after I got off of work.

Sunday we had the time before I had to work to see Inception with a couple friends.

And finally on Monday it was a girls’ day with Laura that brought me to see Eclipse before going for frozen yogurt.

And now of course, the more important part, what I thought of them!

Despicable Me was cute. Jake and I both laughed at times and Agnes is definitely the new Boo, Boo was just better because all of her best lines weren’t given in the trailers.

I think Jake put it best when he said that the jokes were cute but not clever. So if you want to see it and need to entertain children, go for the theater. If you just want to see it at some point, I’d say wait just a couple of months and it will be in stores and on Netflix.

Sunday’s viewing of Inception was awesome.

Christopher Nolan is simply amazing. I mean, the ideas in this movie are kind of complicated and I’m going to have to see it a few more times to feel at all like I really understand them. As Jake and I were talking about walking out of the theater though, even when you get lost for a moment, the whole thing is done so beautifully that you’re not in any way lost in the whole movie.

Also, any director who can take an adorably skinny guy like Joseph Gordon Levitt and make him the star of my now favorite fight scene deserves some sort of award just for that!

Definitely go see Inception.

I know it’s been out for a while already and I probably could have just waited until it came to DVD, but Laura and I haven’t hung out in a little while and it’s much cooler in the theater than it is in my house after 2PM.

I enjoyed the movie. Of course, I also enjoyed the books. The thing is, all I was really looking for out of either of them was entertainment. I would not recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen the others or who is in any way against the whole Twilight trend, but for someone just looking to get caught up in some super crazy teenage drama for a couple hours, I’d say go for it!

I do have a problem with Kristen Stewart wearing a wig for this production though. I mean, with the kind of paycheck that you’re getting for something like this, you’d think you could avoid cutting your hair for a couple of years. In the previous movies I really liked her hair, in this one it was a total distraction for me.

Bryce Dallas Howard, you’re adorable and I like you in other things, but the original Victoria was better. Sorry.

It was cheesy, over the top and not exactly a thinker, but the whole point is entertainment and I was entertained. Enough so that I would totally go to a marathon of the first three movies before the last one opened if someone had one. I heard at the last minute that a local theater showed the first two movies before the midnight showing of Eclipse and thought that would be fun if I could do it without the fanatics around.

On a note about movies in general…

I think I’m over the whole 3D thing. I mean, unless something is coming at me from the screen, I don’t get the point. It felt a little pointless to me in both Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me, but if I’m going with someone who wants to see it that way, I guess I’ll join in.

Oh, and I will definitely be going to see the new Harry Potter movies in both 3D and regular versions. I heard that they weren’t actually shot in 3D, so I definitely want to see them the way that they were shot, but come on, how can I resist Ron Weasley flying at my face?