One thing that I never expected from working at a clothing store was more self esteem. Well, I should probably explain more there. The act of learning a new skill and starting on the way to financial stability is great for self esteem, but I work with some really gorgeous women and often our customers look amazing in the clothes because they are pretty much designed for our typical customer. So what I really didn’t expect was to feel really awesome about my body and the way that I look from working at a clothing store.

That’s just what’s happening though, and I love it.

The other day I was working when it was a little bit slow, so we had go backs in the fitting rooms, but not so many people at the registers. This means that I was in and out of the fitting rooms a bunch, and going by mirrors pretty often.

I was very happy to truly see that I’m much thinner than my mental image of the pudgy girl I was in high school. It’s very easy to still see myself as the size 12 that I was in high school, it’s not so easy to remember that my size 6 jeans are starting to feel a little big.

When I walk into the fitting room area though and see the mirror at the end of the way, it’s hard to see anything other than how tiny my waist is now. And yet… I still have my awesome hips!

Dancing at the Rice wedding. (I'm on the right.)

Oh man I love my hips. I know that they’re the only thing keeping me back from a size 4 at the moment, and the possibility of ever being a 2, but that’s really okay, because those hips are awesome.

They are actually one of the only problems that I have with fitting into some pants and dresses that are designed to make someone look more curvy than they are. I don’t need to look more curvy. I have perfect curves, I just want clothes that will show how I look already!

Anyway, I think this rant is getting a little off topic. I’m very happy with the new appreciation for my own body that working at a clothing store is giving me and I look forward to keeping myself in that same mentality.