I’m sure you’ve gotten sick of me talking about how much I hate my not Barnes & Noble job. I’ve gotten sick of talking about it, to be honest.

That’s why I did something about it yesterday.

I feel kind of bad about the way that I did it, but I need to be looking out for myself first. I was scheduled to work yesterday morning at 9:30, and after seeing the paycheck that I got overnight through direct deposit, I decided that it was simply not worth the constant guilt and frustration. So I started calling every 5 minutes at 9:15 in hopes of getting someone who had gone in early.

At 9:25 the store manager answered and I told her that I was very sorry for not giving notice, but I couldn’t work there anymore.

The final straw was my birthday (now only 8 days away). I forgot to ask for it off, which I was bummed about when I got the schedule and saw that I was scheduled for 2:30-6:30 with an extension to 7:30. I asked the girl who was scheduled to open that day if she would switch with me so I could have more of the day free (I mean, mids kind of ruin the whole day, you know?) and she agreed.

The manager wasn’t in that day to get it approved, so I went in the next day (Wednesday) to have her sign off on it. Explaining the issue of my birthday, I let her know the situation. She agreed, but also gave me some huge attitude and said, “You know we’re not really doing switches anymore.”

The fact that I was willing to work on my birthday, I just needed a different shift seemed relatively generous to me. I now will have lots of time to work on the C25K and getting the basement cleaned out of things that I don’t need.

While I will totally admit that this wasn’t the smartest decision financially, I think that it was the best decision for me over all, and I look forward to making more like this from now on!