I went to the fair this weekend. I had two free tickets courtesy of Jake, and I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to spend much money. So I invited someone I knew would be down to see the art and county exhibits, and walk around the vendors, but would share my desire to spend money on food alone. My dad!

This is where I post a picture of my dad and I at the fair. I suck and we took no pictures at the fair.

Just as I expected, my dad was totally down to see all the great stuff that was done by surprisingly young Californians. We had fun seeing some really amazing stuff, and then looking at the ages and being totally blown away. There was one kid in high school who made some amazing benches. We thought the first was pretty awesome, and then when his name was on another that was similar, but had very different aspects as well, we were really impressed.

We sat down for a cooking demonstration of waterless cooking, which was pretty cool. The kind of money they were asking for the sets there was way beyond my budget for cookware will be anytime in the next decade, but thanks to Google my dad and I were able to find some relatively affordable sets online. We were kind of impressed by the way that the guy mentioned that we can’t get their stuff online, but didn’t specifically say that there is no other waterless cookware online.

When we were walking through the vendors we came across something that we decided to get my brother for Christmas. We realized that my brother is very easy to shop for. He’s got relatively specific interests, and when you come across something that he would like, it practically screams at you to buy it for him!

This also reminded me of just how difficult I am to buy for. With my birthday coming up in just 19 days I figured I’d help you all out with that! Look out tomorrow for my birthday list!