You’ve waited all season for this one. It was much more anticipated than this week’s playoffs because Hot Dogs and Tacos was not involved to embarrass us all. We are of course talking about the official Sausage Fest!

The Varsity Girls were ready with our hair clips, and yes I’m wearing a skirt and braids. We don’t have a cute picture of them, but the boys had wrist bands and someone awesome may or may not have brought his high school letter jacket with a small addition for the night’s events.

There was socializing ahead of the game, with some friendly challenges thrown in every now and then and of course a drink or two before we hit the court!

Once there we had some fun. The JV team proved to be a more worthy opponent than their record had showed, and the score went back and forth evenly, but pretty slowly. I believe that at the half it was 1-1, and we definitely felt that each game was taking forever. I guess that’s what happens when you have two teams that catch and keep bringing players back in!

When time ran out we were 2-2 with three players in on each side. For those who are unaware, this means the game goes into (Ba ba ba bum!) Sudden Death!

When the Varsity players on the court throw, they do a beautiful job of throwing together, but they terrify those of us in the out queue who can do nothing but watch. See, they threw at Jenny.

Jenny is known as The Brick Wall. Jenny can catch. And that’s what worried us. The way that Varsity threw together though was successful, and by some miracle, they were able to get to Jenny at about the same time, meaning that the Sausage Sampler Varsity won!

As disappointed as I would have been if we had lost, I’m really happy with the way that it all played out. It really came down to one moment of luck, and neither side has much room to claim superiority. Because of this, it was much more fun to hang out than I anticipated. We all just were at the bar, having fun.

I think it was the most fun I’ve had playing, even if I do complain while on the court.