This semester is going to be totally crazy. But now that school is really my main focus, I think I can do it.

The biggest issue I’ve found seems to be the fact that work is loving me! My determination to pay off my credit card debt is keeping me going there, but my hours jumped from my regular 13-17 a week to 20.5 this week, and 30.5 next week!

I’m going to have to get super organized. It’s a good thing that my teachers don’t seem to be assigning work to make up for Labor Day!

Tonight I’ve been trying to get ahead of things and wrote out as much as possible in the planner I bought today, but two of my classes are kind of confusing with their syllabus, so I’m only comfortable committing half of my classes to paper at the moment.

Hopefully after attending these classes again tomorrow I will understand better how to plan it all out!

Until then, I will be getting ahead on the reading I do know about, and figuring out exactly how much sleep I need, and sticking to getting it each night!

Like right now. I think I’ll go to bed at 11 so I can hopefully get 8 hours and be on time to my 8:00 class!