I’ve been blogging (rather inconsistently) for a little while now, and in that time I have found a friend or two in this here blog-o-sphere. Not nearly as many friends as I would like, mostly because these people are kind of insanely cool and I am just a little terribly, frightfully intimidated by them.

Yet, these people are opening up registration for a gathering they’re having to the first 100 people who sign up!

I can get in without having to impress one of them enough for an invite! And even better than that, when I’ve mentioned my excitement about going on Twitter, I’ve gotten replies from some of them encouraging me to attend!

Psst! I think I might actually be getting closer to being cool!

(I say closer because honestly, as cool as these bloggers are, most fall into the category of nerd, or geek on some level. So yeah, I’m getting to cool, but it’s with awesome cool nerds!)

Oh, and that event that they’re letting me come to…

It’s called Bloggers in Sin City, which of course means that those 100 of us who are going will be taking over VEGAS BABY!!!!

It also happens to be the weekend that I would be walking across a graduation stage to get my BA in English from Sac State. I’m actually okay with this. I had only just started to get excited about walking, and I can do that in another year after my credential.

To those of you reading this who will be attending Bloggers in Sin City, I expect to have a drink from each of you at the opening night mixer!

I can’t register until my student loans for this semester come in, which has actually turned into quite a relief. This means that I have about a week to obsessively watch the number of available spots go down and hope that I get the money in time, while also figuring out exactly what to put in the scary box to introduce yourself and perhaps even take a decent picture to include with registration! Maybe I’ll get my hair cut before then!

What would you put in a box with this description? “Introduce yourself! What are 5 things that everyone going to BiSC should know about you? (Yes, this will be published on the website!)”