You know the road trip game “I’m going to a picnic,” right?

One person starts off saying “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing ________.” The blank is something starting with the letter a, and then the next person repeats what the first said, adding something that starts with the letter b. This would repeat until the group is done with the alphabet. If you’re playing competitively, the first person to not remember something on the list as they are adding to it loses and is out. If you’re just having fun it’s cool to help them remember.

A bit back my brother and his boyfriend and I played on our way to our grandparents’ cabin and it looks like it would be a very interesting picnic!

I started it off, then my brother and then his boyfriend. We just played for fun, so if you would like to know who came up with which, you should be able to figure it out based on that!

I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing..

An avalanche
a blizzard
a cyclone,
the DANGER zone
forrest fires,
Horatio Sans,
an incubus,
Justin Beiber,
Katharine McPhee,
moo shoo pork,
a neanderthal,
the occult,
the underworld,
violins (on tv)
Yoko Ono,
and the Zombie apocalypse.

Interesting picnic, no?

Your turn! If you were going to a picnic what would you bring?