Well, technically the idea of a list goes back much further than I’m sure Amanda K does, but reading one of her recent posts is what is inspiring this one, you get the idea.

Amanda has a great list of goals for the month of February that are all somewhat love related. I’m kind of not liking this whole love focus thing, but I’m trying to branch out, so I’ll continue the love inspiration too!

In the month of February I would like to…

1. Perfect my glitter shoes technique, because I love the feeling that is only achieved when creating something.
2. Attend every class period for all my classes, because I love getting good grades.
3. Go through my closet for a clothing swap or donating, because I like to have room in my closet and then I’ll need to go shopping!
4. Add weights to my workout routine that seems to be mostly my dance class, because I love my body and would like to show it some care.
5. Make meals to bring to school/work because I love the money that is staying in my account when I don’t buy food.
6. Comment on more blogs that I read, because I love sharing love with the awesome people whose blogs I seem to be lurking lately!
7. Get back into music because I’ve always loved it, but it’s been dangerous for me lately. I want the love back!
8. Get to bed at a decent hour most nights because I love it when I don’t have to use concealer under my eyes.
9. Plan a shopping get together for bay area folk going to Bloggers in Sin City, because I’d love to have my outfits planned early for the trip.
10. Blog more regularly (3 times a week), because I love the feeling of getting things out of my own head.
11. Figure out what I need to do with school since my Sign Language 2 class fell through, because I’d love to no longer be in school!

Some of these ended up being pretty similar to Amanda’s, but that’s because she has an awesome list! I can’t wait to tell you all that I have done all of these things!