Just over two weeks ago (don’t do the calendar math on that, and if you do, definitely don’t tell the ladies of the VDay Revolution what you figure out) I signed up with a dating site. While I will admit that I am a relatively attractive lady, I have been surprised by the amount of attention I’ve received.

While I’ve enjoyed a lot of it, it hasn’t all been awesome. There was one boy in particular who I was really starting to take a likin’ to, perhaps I got kind of stoked when there was an invitation to coffee or drinks. As soon as I responded, saying that drinks sounded great though, he pulled a Houdini! There are also some boys whom I find attractive, and I can see have looked at my profile, but I get a very passive rejection from them when they have obviously checked me out and then don’t message me. (I’m kind of reaching with that example, I know.)

I mention these as evidence that I’m not simply being adored.

I am still getting more attention than I expected, though. I mean, there are some damn pretty women in Sacramento. I happen to know at least two of them who are also on this site (and I’m glad that we have enough difference in taste of guys that we’re not really competing). The rest of the girls out there though, they’ve got to be offering something decent, right? Don’t answer that, I don’t really want to think about it. (I swear I’m not jealous or insecure, really!)

As of Sunday night, I’ve got two dates scheduled for this week. One of these guys I’ve started to get to know a bit and I’m really stoked for the awesome conversation that’s sure to ensue. He actually made a comment with that same idea the other night, which definitely felt nice. If he passes the first date perhaps I’ll tell you about how he’s already doing things at my request! The other one is going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with me, though we’ve both mentioned our hesitations to meeting up with people from the site.

You guys, the first time we’re meeting is to see Harry Potter! Is it just me, or is that already a pretty awesome step up from my ex, who after hearing about my dream job (which includes an abundance of Mr. H.P.) repeatedly told me that he believes J.K. Rowling got lucky?

There’s just one little problem with all this attention and the pair of dates this week. I have to look cute y’all! I’m not just talking about my normal being presentable in public kind of cute, I want to impress these potential suitors, so I’m going for kind of adorable, but, you know, HOT!

I’m thinking about testing that idea that wearing red on a first date is supposed to have a positive impact on how the night goes. Though if I do that, my red lipstick will be too much (for my coloring at least).

Do you have any first date practices or tips? I’ve never been much of a dater, I could use them! Also, did I mention my first of the two dates is tonight? Yeah, help!