Friendship is a really tricky thing. Many friendships I had over the past two years have been revealed to be much less substantial than I’d thought them to be over the past 6 months. A couple though that I thought were rather superficial have become much more genuine and hopefully lasting. And then there are the new friends. Mostly made online due to the BiSC attendee list, then fostered through twitter and blog posts or chatting.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be going to Bloggers in Sin City this year and I’m totally stoked about it. If you follow me on twitter you already know the love I have for the awesome people who will be putting up with me hanging out with me for four of the most awesome days of the year.

I’d like to take a few more than 140 characters to share my appreciation for some of these folks today.

There’s @terrabear and @suki, both of whom I find myself replying to a lot on twitter, and who are also both awesome with comments on my blog. These girls are so amazing with saying something so little that totally makes me smile, I can’t wait to give them hugs or have time to give them the same attention!

Then there is @nicoleisbetter and @livitluvit. The reasons that @sincitymeetup is happening/exists in the first place, and that I know about it, respectively. Also, Nicole is close enough to me that one day we will find a time for me to get to the city and have a gin night before BiSC.

Dudes, I know most of you have no idea what a Nerdfighter is, and that’s totally ok, here’s a video to explain…

Well, there’s a good amount of people going to BiSC who also happen to be Nerdfighters! This means that awesome people like @writetoreach, @nicopolitan and @phampants have convinced me to go to VidCon this year! Unfortunately, Pham will not be joining us in Vegas, but we will have an awesome birthday weekend for him in July!

Ashley (the aforementioned @writetoreach) also has totes awesome conversations with me about the ridiculousness of online dating and watches! Oh, with talks of N Sync and Josh Groban thrown in constantly as well. Maybe I like to curse her for tricking me into using the word “totes” on a regular-ish basis, but one day I will make her dance and I will forgive her.

There are so many people I’m so excited to meet! @ihatesomuch and I are totes having a slow motion run hug! @brandyismagic has also promised hugs, and she wrote a pirate story for her students this week. A pirate story!!! I know there are so many more people I need to hug, but I’m distracted by thoughts of the pirate story.

Not all of these great new friendships are happening online though. My friend Gina and I met when we were both English majors, and then I started to swing dance. She’s danced for a while and I was totally intimidated by her. She’s gone through some stuff and has totally inspired me to pull through my way less intense stuff and focus on what is in front of me rather than what’s been taken away. I’m so glad that she and I have gotten so close lately. I hate that it’s right before she’s going to be moving to South Korea, but that’s the beauty of this here internet thing. We’ll still be able to keep in touch with the details of each other’s lives through not only our blogs, but email and twitter and all that awesomeness!

Plus, Gina totally validated some recent major friend frustrations when she told me that she never liked that particular friend of mine. All of the flaws I’m pointing out are totally things she has noticed without knowing this girl, well, at all really. Score!

There are so many people I am excited to meet. Please don’t take any offense if your name is not on here. I love you all, but this post is so long already! There will be more blog posts though! And so many hugs!

Lastly, for those of you who think that Hank and John were a bit nerdy for you, but you like the crazy Sheen or Gaddafi stuff happening right now, I give you the game that John made a few days ago. His toddler son makes an appearance at then end, you should play!