If you blog, you understand the frustration of not knowing what to write about. There are probably things that you thought of only hours, maybe even minutes ago, that totally escape you now that you’re in front of a computer and able to get them into a more visceral form. If you’re on twitter, you’ve probably posted about it, much like Lauren did the other day. It started a fun conversation between she, Kaci and I, which ultimately ended up with me Googling “what should I write about?”

Well, just like it always does, Google came through for me!

Write Source was one of the first things to come up, and it’s kind of cute. It’s got really short prompts designed for journaling, and maybe for use in the classroom? It’s set up as though it could be for the classroom, so I went into teacher mode!

I suggested that Lauren, Kaci and I take on a grade a week for inspiration. Even though I was pretty sure that it was just the future English teacher in me who would be excited about this, and I promptly prepared myself for them to ignore the suggestion. They both went for it! Just another reason that I love the internet!

The “Grade 1″ suggestions are as follows…

A special birthday
I’d like to see . . .
The biggest thing I ever saw
Noisy times and quiet times
I like to make . . .
What if toys could talk?
My shopping list
Don’t litter!
Big pets and small pets
Insects, insects everywhere
I’m happy when . . .
How plants grow
My adventure
Friendly places
My favorite foods
I know a lot about . . .
Picnic fun
Who’s at the zoo?
What will I share?
I rode on a . . .
The parade
I wonder why . . .
What’s under my bed?
What if I was 10 years old?
What makes me laugh?

I can’t wait to pick one and get started. I might even go for two! I’m way behind on reading blogs, so these ladies may have already gotten started, but I’m going to start my more formal structure of this next week. I’m not sure exactly how it will go yet, but I’ll explain it all then. Everyone is welcome to join, how fun would it be to jump back to elementary school writing prompts, but now write about them from an adult older perspective!

Who else is joining us? Any suggestions on which I should write about?