I went to Vegas this past weekend. It was beyond description, so I’m not even going to try. Instead I’m going to share with you some of the things I learned while hanging out with so many awesome people at Bloggers in Sin City.

So here’s what I wrote while waiting for my flight back to Sacramento from hanging out with Ashley for another day. Pictures may come later.

◆ I can be a gossip, but I can also hold my tongue.

◆ I am more willing to take fashion/hair risks (as in try something I haven’t, not be too outrageous) when I’m on vacation. *

◆ When I’m up on the slots, I should listen to my gut and walk away.

◆ I should listen to my gut in general.

◆ I can’t take a flight without making friends.

◆ Sometimes, unpacking at the hotel IS nice.


◆ People really can surprise you. In both positive and negative ways.

◆ Lions really are awesome.

◆ The internet is totes cuter in person. TOTES!

◆ Star Wars slots give mini massages.

◆ Las Vegas does not seem to like Dr Pepper. I will never be okay with this.

◆ Not-Chinese tightrope walkers are rather hot. Even before smiling with their dimples and taking off their shirt to reveal an upper body that can’t even be blamed for the tribal tattoo.

◆ Las Vegas DJs all use the same 6 songs, none of which are very good.

◆ I’m really good at taking my badge off before I do something stupid.

◆ Glitter shoes are awesome. (Okay, I’m padding the list, I already knew that.)

◆ Saying goodbye to friends is easier when you know you’ll talk to them again as soon as you land.

◆ I’m the opposite of a robot.

◆ Quack means no.

◆ I really like being able to walk anywhere I need/want to go. (Slight pad. I’ve forgotten this since living in the suburbs again.)

◆ I need business cards.