I’m dating again. I mean, I know I’ve been doing the online dating thing for a few months now, but honestly, I wasn’t really ready to be dating when I started that, and for the most part I have not been too impressed with the guys on there.* There was The Professor, and I guess what we did was date, but not only did that not work out, it was kind of rushed and really just a mini relationship. Very little courtship was involved.

I like courtship. I like it quite a bit actually. I like the practice of getting to know someone, and intentionally dressing up to see him, even if we’re just sitting on the couch watching tv. I like playing that game where I pretend that I’m ok with paying for my portion of the meal.** I like flirty texts and wondering when I’ll get to see him again, though I don’t like having to try to figure that out. I like seeing him be a little nervous, but I always hope that goes away a bit by the end of our first meeting.

This is the part that I’m ready for again. It actually surprises me a little bit that I’m less than three months away from 28 and I haven’t experienced much of this courtship style of dating. I tend to jump right into the comfortable part.

While the comfortable part is great and all, the butterflies tend to disappear pretty quickly. I like the butterflies. Did I not mention that before? I actually have some butterflies right now while I sit in the park on a Wednesday (as in before dodgeball) writing this. There’s a chance (though I’m pretty sure it’s a small one now) that I will be seeing a boy tonight that I’m starting to like.

The thing about the courtship though, is that I’m not very good at my part. If I want to have a guy come after me, I have to let him actually come after me and not text or call him first. I tend to remember this only after I’ve already initiated a text conversation. I’m trying though, and I think I’m getting better with it. If the previously mentioned guy likes me too, perhaps I’ll find out how decent I am with the whole coy thing!***

Update before posting: Did see him, didn’t talk to him for what turns out to probably be silly reasons. Looks like I’ll be going direct with this boy. I’m ok with that, I’m good with direct. I just have to calm the butterflies a little bit.

*If you’re a guy who I have met who is on that site and you’re reading this, I promise you don’t qualify to be in the group mentioned here.

**For the record, I will never go somewhere that I can’t pay for, but I’ve got to be seriously into you if you ask me out, make me pay for my own meal and then we go out again; and I don’t recommend you use that as a test to see how much I like you.

***Nah, I already know I’m not good with it. That’s why I jump to comfortable, that’s what I know!

Sorry for all the butterfly talk Ashley, I promise there are no actual butterflies involved in the process.