I mentioned in a previous post that I’m dating again, and being the super analytical, introspective person that I am, I’ve thought a lot about it and realized something about how my tastes have changed, or maybe it’s my expectations that have evolved, since that big ol’ life altering break up last year.

I really am dating men now.*

What I mean is that I’ve gone from dating boys who have great ideas and plans, to guys who are putting those ideas and plans into action. The Professor was the first in what I hope will become a trend. An as yet unnamed (but I hope he will be featured a bit more) guy definitely has a leg up on The Professor even, who is currently working on his Ph.D. in English.

It’s a whole different ball game to be interacting with guys who are driven. It’s good for me, though it’s also terribly intimidating.

The current mystery guy is way too smart for me and actually like, does things with his life and has things to talk about that I don’t understand. Oh, and he holds baby bears. I really wish I could post that picture for you all. (For the record, there is one picture of him on this blog, posted less than a week ago.)

I’ve dated smart guys before, but never anyone I couldn’t handle, and only one who was ever putting his smarts to use. (Do you read my blog Daren? You don’t fit the mold that I’ve been talking about, you’re the one putting them to use.)

It’s the intimidation that I’m feeling with just the thought of dating this guy that’s made me look back and realize that usually the guys I date have great ideas that they are sitting on. The Ex (as in THE ex) was a huge perpetrator of this offense. He had great ideas. Ideas that I loved, ideas that helped me to fall in love with him. Very few of these did he actually do anything about though. While a part of me hopes that, that changes as he finds relationships that suit him better, there’s a big enough part of me that knows better and isn’t terribly bothered by the fact that he doesn’t put much effort into his life.

I now remember being so frustrated when I knew that he wanted to do things like write, but he never wrote. This is not something that I would like to repeat in the future.

When I’m around guy, and people in general, who are like that, I tend to be like that too. I’ve gotten to know some really awesome and driven people through this wonderful world of the interwebs though, and I totally need to join their ranks.

This intimidating guy (I guess he’s got a temporary name) has an awesome job, and he’s doing things and he talks about stuff that I don’t know about. All of which are things that only make me want to know him more.

I like when I can learn something from the guy I’m with, or even just from friends that I know and I’m really hoping that this guy is willing to take the time to explain some things to me, because right now I’m having a hard time pretending to know about the current stuff he brings up. I’m a little proud of myself that I’ve admitted a bit when he’s talking about things I’m not familiar with, but I hope that I can pick it up quick!

Do you ever experience this? Do you tend to be the smart one in your relationships?

*Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually believe that true men exist, but that’s a totally different post.