While I’ve totally spoken here before about things like BiSC and all the love I have for the folks who attended, I’ve got some other internet loves.

Saint Lexi is one of them.

She and I met like 5 years ago way over on LiveJournal when she posted something about one little change that she didn’t want to make to get rid of someone she needed to get rid of. While I totes understood the wanting to hold her ground, I was able to pull the objective outsider card and tell her to just cut that last little cord.

Since then, she’s become one of the go-to friends when I can’t make a decision. Even about totally silly things. She never judges and I know that I can trust her to be honest.

She’s way into awesome things like this new paranormal experience thing that I am seriously under informed on right now, but pretty much if you want to go on a ghost hunt, talk to Lexi!

Oh, and a couple years ago she decided that she was going to stop buying all of the things for New Year’s and instead post about Not Buying on Tumblr and make people like me want all of the things instead. She now gets to travel a lot more and she and her husband totes own an adorable home that I need to come see.

I don’t think that I’ve talked much here about my postcard wall, but she’s definitely the one with the most postcards on it, and she mentioned something about being able to add to it again. I don’t think I can really express the love I have for this girl enough. She’s seen me through all of my major breakups (though one of those was that we met right after it happened) and we’ve had times that we go for a while without talking, but I feel like we pick up again right away any random day.

Oh, and she’s got some really awesome hair!

There is all sorts of awesome that I know I’m forgetting here because I’m writing it way too late at night, so you’ll probably hear about her again. I’ll definitely have better information on the things that she’s doing then!

Until then, go follow her Tumblr and crave and giggle because of her amazing lust for the amazing and silly! (Though silly is often totes awesome too.)