I’m still over on YouTube, doing the videos thing for most of the month of August. Just in case you were worried.

I spent this weekend and my birthday in Chicago, which was nothing short of phenomenal. So much love and encouragement at just the right time for me to hear it.

I heard so many amazing things this weekend, and I hope to share some more of them with you soon, but for now, a few things that Jenny Blake said are still roaming around my head, pushing me to take some action.

Jenny told us about an instance in which a friend asked her, “How would you feel if one year from now, you haven’t made any changes in your life?” That started a whole new round of tears after the ones that morning that came from being so overwhelmed by the love the internet showed me on my birthday morning. There is so much that has already changed in the past year, that I can’t imagine that anything will be the same one year from now.

But there’s a difference in me now. I now have plans and want to put them into action, which is different than the things that I’ve just stumbled into in the past 8 months.

It is again, something Jenny said that is inspiring me to write this post in the middle of a super busy week of a super busy month. She spoke about accountability and how it’s so easy to not follow through if no one else knows that you want to do something. I mean, it is super easy to justify it to yourself that sleep, or socializing, or whatever, is more fun than putting the work into something that you really need to, but I’m so much less likely to even try to explain that to someone else!

So this is me, telling you guys the same thing that I announced in my VEDA post yesterday.

I’m really going to start selling my glitter shoes now.

Like really.

I want to clean up the page on here for them, and get the Etsy page more active. I also want to sell at a local show called the Midtown Bazaar for the October Second Saturday. If I can swing it to sell before that on a “regular” Saturday, I’d totally be down for that as well. I’d like to have a minimum of 20 pairs to sell there, and I have the materials for 11 now. I’m hoping that I can sell a few pairs on Etsy to cover the cost of supplies before then.

So there it is. It’s out there now. If you’ve read this, I hit publish and I can’t take it back.

Any tips on making it easier for me to make it happen?