Disclaimer! I know that I am going to sound awful on parts of this. I’ve accepted that.

One thing I don’t like about being a smaller size is that every little bit of weight that I gain, I notice. I mentioned a slight weight gain I’d noticed two weeks ago in a video for The Nerd Nook but I haven’t done anything about it since then.

Today I got on the scale upstairs. I’m up to 137. 137 isn’t bad at all, but it’s a lot different than the 120 that I was just a few months ago.

If I didn’t know what the 120 looked like, I might not care at all, but I do. So yesterday I started tracking my food on the Lose It! app again and I did run again! I actually didn’t start thinking about all of this until after I was running, which I hope is an indication that I’m not just running in response to my increased mass.

The scale I’m using isn’t the best, it’s 7 pounds off. As in when I get on, it tells me I’m 130, but I’m really 137. It’s not perfect, but if I stay consistent with that scale, I wouldn’t mind eventually seeing it say 108.

Ugh, that sounds gross. I don’t actually want to get that small. Actually, I don’t even really want to be down to the 115 that would be, but I feel like I might slack off as I get closer to a higher number, so I’ll keep the number smaller and see where it takes me!

I’m looking forward to playing with recipes and such to see how full I can stay with lower calories. Hopefully that will mean fun recipes for you when I find some great ones.

Until then, thanks for reading through my annoying whining.