If you’ve ever been around me and brought up the topic of hangovers, you have probably heard me say how rarely I get them. I’m generally good about drinking water before going to bed, and also my body is apparently just awesome.

I’ve had maybe 4 true hangovers in my life.

Today I had the worst ever.

(And people at work hate me because they couldn’t tell except for when I was complaining.)

I think it might have had something to do with the variety (OK yeah, and volume) of alcohol I consumed.

Paige and I started off with peach mimosas. We each had half the bottle of peach champagne, and not much OJ.

Then we got into the wine. Each of us had one, it only seemed fair!

We were getting ready to go dancing, which was just a few blocks away, so we put some Crown Royal in our Dr Pepper that came with our dinner and hit the streets. (We’re totes rebels.)

Once we were at the club, I ordered us Shirley Temple Blacks, but we got whisky-cokes with grenadine in them. It worked.

After last call, apparently I was missing my BiSCuits, because we decided that we needed to go get some dragonfruit Skyy to put in the orange juice we had back at the apartment. It was just as delicious.

This morning was interesting, but the 8 hour shift I worked after it was just awful.

But the good news is, I’m finding wines I like!

Wait, right?