I think I might be the only one still going with BEDS. That’s ok though, it’s so cool that people were hopeful and willing to try! You know, like I tried with VEDA!

I’ve kind of loved this whole month long challenge thing that I’ve done for a couple of months now, and I have been thinking about doing something in October as well.

My first thought was to try giving up caffeine for a month, mostly just to see if I could. Then I found out that I’ll be part of the relay team at work which means about a week of overnight shifts. There is no way that I’m doing that without my Dr Pepper.

So instead I’m going to try something I found on Pinterest!

I don’t have some of the sections of the house that this person has, so I won’t have all 40 bags, but I definitely want to do as many as I can and go a bit more minimal around here.

Also, I mentioned in my first Pinterest post about Ashley‘s recipe and that I couldn’t find the pin for it…

Well the lovely Kaci has saved the day! It was her pin right here!

Anyone want to try another month long challenge with me?