I don’t know if you noticed the post on Tuesday but, I’ve had someone keeping me up late at night. That post was super short because I was on the phone for more than five hours. I don’t even know what to think of that!

I woke up Wednesday morning with a weird feeling. It had been less than five hours since I spoke with this boy, and yet I was wondering what he was up to. Did he get out and get to work ok, or was he as tired as I was? Wait, really? It’s been less time since we talked than we were talking, and I have to stop myself from texting him right away.

You guys, I haven’t actually met this man yet.

I was talking to a friend about this yesterday, and I was pointing out that with the whole glitter shoes thing happening right now and the school thing (that I’ll write about tomorrow) hopefully happening soon, it isn’t exactly a good time for me to be falling for someone.

That friend is of course, pulling for me to be happy, and would like for me to move to Chicago, so naturally, as he put it, he prefers “the falling for some dude in chicago, since that provides [me] with extra motivation, plus you still get to be all jellowy inside.”

That brought up a whole other issue though.

I do not trust that “jellowy” feeling. And seriously, why should I? In my experience, those butterflies only lead to me getting hurt. There have been a couple of times that things ended ok, but there was still some burning before getting to ok.

That’s when Matt suggested something quite wise. “‪oh, don’t trust it.‬ just enjoy it.”

I didn’t have anything to say in response to that.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

It is kind of nice, even if I’m not getting much sleep.