The other day I got into a conversation with a friend about how frustrating it can be to try to make changes to your life. There’s all this stuff to be done and you want to do it all, so it seems totally overwhelming. What does that lead to? For me, it means sitting back and doing nothing.

So instead, I suggested something that we could do next year. We’re going to decide on 12 changes we want to make and incorporate them into our lives one by one. We’ll give each new change a month to take hold and become habit before going for the next one. That way we’ll have a drastic difference in our lives by the end of the year, but we won’t have made any dramatic changes.

Sounds kind of cool, huh?

I put the call out to twitter only a few minutes after deciding that we were going to do it, thinking that it would be really cool to have 12 people make 12 changes in the 12 months of 2012.

And then the responses came. We had 24 people interested in about an hour. In the 48 hours or so since then, we’ve grown to over 36!

This is looking like it could be something really awesome.

The conversation that Stephany and I had was about being healthier and making better food choices, but with almost 40 of us there will obviously be some varied goals. I know that Erini started a list and came up with way more than 12, while Grace doubted that she would think of 12 without seeing some other people’s lists. This is why this will make a fantastic group project!

We have just under 4 weeks until January 1. In that time, I’d love for everyone to come up with a list of at least 9 items. If we share those on blogs and through email, those who are having trouble coming up with 12 will be able to catch some inspiration and those who have more may be able to decide which ones they will have the best support on! Hopefully we’ll have a group blog to start sharing on soon, so we won’t have to rely on my shoddy ability to get email out to everyone!

I actually have the feeling that I’m going to have more than 12 things, and some of those I might decide to implement together. In that case, I might actually have 18 things on my list. Shocking and scandalous I know, but that’s the kind of thing that I mean, this is everyone’s project and we can all do it in our own way.

How about you? Want to join us? Make sure I have your email address and I’ll make sure that you’re on for future communications!

Let’s make some big changes in 2012!

If you need some inspiration, here’s my rough draft of things to change.

1. Drink more water every day.
2. Keep my place picked up every day.
3. Eat breakfast daily.
4. Bring lunch to work, cooking on the weekends.
5. Run at least once a week.
6. Wash my face every night.
7. Fold my laundry as soon as it’s done and PUT IT AWAY!
8. Blog twice a week.
9. Give or throw away a bag/box each week.
10. Read for 15 minutes each day.
11. Write a note to a friend every week.
12. File paperwork as it comes in.