One of the things that I’m planning on working on the New Year is growing that whole glitter shoe business I’ve got going on. So I’m learning to be more comfortable talking them up and handing out my business cards. I’ve got some interesting ones for free, which I actually get complimented on all the time, but I’m not completely sold on them.

My problem is that I don’t really know what to have on my cards.

Once upon a time it was super easy, name, business address, phone number. Is that still the standard? I’m sure that replacing the physical address with a URL is cool, but what about the phone number?

Sure it would be great to be able to hand out to guys, but that’s not what the card is about, right?

I’m also looking forward to finding someone to help me with pictures of the shoes so I might be able to use those as a background or maybe a full color photo on one side, with my info on the other? Is that a thing now? Can I do that?

Or is that even a good idea? I would like to expand into other things, would putting shoes and the phrase, “glitterer of shoes” on the card pigeonhole me into only shoes? If you think it would, do you have a suggestion as to something else I should include?

I’ve been thinking that things besides business cards might be fun to have too. As luck would have it, Overnight Prints has provided me with a gift card to check out what they’ve got, and I think I’m going to do just that with some postcard printing! I’m digging their prices, so I think I’m going to try a few different designs.

Do you have a business card? What do you use them for and what do you have on them? What do you think of the postcards? What would you put on those? And do you want one?