Since the release of home copies of TV shows, I have enjoyed marathoning my favorites. Netflix made that easier with that whole not having to buy them, but initially I was held back by that whole 3 disks out at a time thing, but I got by.

Then there was the miracle of streaming video.

I’ve never had any hesitations about watching hours on end of a single show, but I’ve never really thought about just how much I watched.

On October 1, Netflix added all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls to their library. I managed to watch every Giants postseason game outside of work hours, (which I went to a bar to watch, btw) and yet I still finished the entire Gilmore Girls series in about 4 weeks.

This weekend I finished watching Parks & Rec for the first time. I finished it in a week. It’s 6 seasons long, though admittedly the first season is short and the show is in a half hour timeslot, instead of a full hour.

I got through 2 full shows in 6 1/2 weeks, while also watching at least a dozen baseball games. Friends comes to Netflix in January, but I’ve got 6 weeks until then. For half a second I thought that I might be watching too much. Then I started The Good Wife.

I’ve got a busy December, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get through quite as much as I did in October (though with how busy I was I might be underestimating myself), but I think I’ll be able to finish all five seasons of The Good Wife that are on Amazon Prime streaming and then I’ll start on Scrubs, because I’ve somehow never watched that.

I expect to start watching Friends a week into January, and even though it’s got more episodes than Gilmore Girls, I think I’ll be done with that before Valentine’s Day.

I know many people have reading goals for the year, next year I think I might figure out a series watching goal. Got any suggestions for what should be on it?