I like sweet drinks.

My go-to is a Shirley Temple Black, which is a Shirley Temple with whiskey in it, as long as you’re that sugary-sticky-sweet grenadine like Rose’s. If you use ‘house made’ that is tart, even though I totally know it’s more traditional, I’m not interested.

When I went out tonight and the cocktail menu had lots of things with spicy infusions, I decided to go with my standard. I mean, I had checked the bar’s website before going and I was looking at what appeared to be one of 5 full bars in the space, yet when I asked for my Shirley Temple with whiskey, I was met with a terrible sentence.

“We don’t stock grenadine.”

Well then, your website needs to be updated because you do not, in fact, have a full bar. Get something sweet please! Your cocktail with apple sauce was kind of weird, it might be better as a warm drink, especially if you’re going to continue garnishing it with a cinnamon stick.

Also, your music was too loud and I don’t think I’ll be headed back unless another friend has some sort of event there.

If I do though, I hope you have American Gladiators on again. It was fantastic to give my young friends a history lesson. That show was surprisingly diverse for its time!